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30 September 2008 @ 02:20 pm
At last ... my first Oz dream  
Hmmmm.... this Muslim holiday season in Indonesia had grant me the time to have a week off. What to do? What to do? Well among other things, I finally had the time to have an Oz marathon, all six seasons in a hefty 30GB package of video files from the net. What an age we live in.
And here I am, two days after I started the marathon, I'm quite delighted that the Em City gang finally made a visit in my subconscious mind. So here it goes :

It was in a court of law, Toby was defending Said from murder charges. Said was charged with a second degree murder, and the victim was Mark Mack. The DA was Schillinger with Robson as his assistant. I was in the jury box sitting right next to Rebadow on my right and Shirley on my left. Ryan, Alvarez, Hoyt, and Dino Ortolani was called as witnesses. McManus and Murphy was the first police officers that arrived on the scene. But the oddest thing was that The Judge was ...... Keller. Oh don't get me wrong, Keller was still smokin' hot wearing that robe, although it also made me wonder if he wore bra/lingerie underneath it (so dirty of me :D)
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